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Inspired Design Inc was founded with a mission: to elevate how people feel inside their homes through thoughtful design.

We consider budget and functionality, but we move beyond those basics.  We strive to achieve holistic wellness by incorporating elements of nature, simplicity, and color that can awaken the soul.

Rather than focusing on accumulating material possessions, we are driven to create opportunities for our clients to enjoy the moments of life that matter most.

Designing spaces.  Transforming lives.

It's simple. When you feel good, we do, too. It's a win-win.
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Do any of these situations resonate with you?

  • You moved into a new house that needs something extra to make it your home.

  • You own a home that reflects a past version of yourself.

  • You want a sanctuary within your home where you can feel recharged.

  • You enjoy nature, but aren't sure how to incorporate natural elements into your home.

  • You want to take your home and life to the next level.

We'd love to help you achieve these goals.


Amy Farnum, founder of Inspired Design Inc, leads the company's design and flooring projects with her creative enthusiasm. After receiving a B.A. in Interior Design in 2008, her career path was far from direct. (Designers weren't exactly in high demand during a housing crisis!). But it is through her varied background in design, construction, and hospitality that she alchemizes unique solutions for clients. She lives with her partner, Dan, and their dog, Frankie, in Overland Park, Kansas. When she's not remodeling, she enjoys taking walks in nature, traveling the world (over 15 countries and counting), and tending to her almost 40 houseplants. After all, plants really do make people happy.

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Learn what our company can offer you whether you live near or far.

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Get inspired by our past projects and see the limitless possibilities.

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