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At our core, we are agents of transformation. By envisioning and crafting spaces that harmonize with your lifestyle, we revolutionize the way you inhabit your home.

Imagine a life where every aspect is meticulously tailored to your needs, where functionality and beauty converge seamlessly.

We don't merely create visually stunning residences; we manifest living environments that elevate your everyday experience.

Designing spaces.  Transforming lives.

We don't just create beautiful homes; our unwavering dedication and thoughtful approach to each client's space can profoundly enhance their quality of life.

Imagine a home that not only functions flawlessly, but effortlessly eliminates all the pain points you encounter on a daily basis. A place where every detail is meticulously designed with you in mind. What is the value of such a tailored living experience?

Are you feeling overwhelmed designing your dream home?
  • Are you building a new home or remodeling, but realizing there are way too many decisions to be made?

  • Do you have an idea of what you want, but not sure how to pull everything together and add special touches that will make it personalized?

  • Or maybe you simply don't have the time and want the home design process to be as effortless as possible?

We'd love to help!

Meet the Owner

Amy Farnum, founder of Inspired Design Inc, leads the company's design and flooring projects with her creative enthusiasm. After receiving a B.A. in Interior Design in 2008, her career path was far from direct--residential designers weren't exactly in high demand during a housing crisis! But it is through her varied background in design, construction, and hospitality that she alchemizes unique solutions for clients. She lives with her partner, Dan, and their dog, Frankie, in Lee's Summit, Missouri. When she's not designing for a client or her own home renovation projects, she enjoys walking in nature, traveling the world (over 15 countries and counting), and tending to her almost 50 houseplants.

Work Desk

We look forward to speaking with you!

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