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Does Your Home Need a Sage Cleanse?

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Oh 2020...what a year!

Besides the plethora of changes that happened to our daily lives, our homes underwent a transformation as well. For many, 2020 marked the year the home became not just a home, but an office, staycation destination, school, bakery, gym, restaurant and bar (mini martini anyone?). And all this activity is happening under one roof!

Your home wore as many hats as you do, and often, all the energy involved with those activities can build up within your home and keep you from living in a clean and healthy environment.

While you might be soo ready for the new year, is your home ready to embark on what lays ahead for 2021?

With the new year upon us, maybe it’s time to give your home a fresh start with a sage cleanse. Sage cleansing can rid your home of negativity and welcome in positive energy, setting you up for a fantastic 2021!


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If you’re new to the whole idea of sage cleansing, not to worry...I’ve got you covered. I’m going to break it down for you in two installments.

This week I’ll be covering the origins of sage and its health benefits, and the following week, we’ll dive into how to perform the sacred practice of a sage cleanse.

So let’s strap on that backpack, and head back to school...


sage cleanse, home cleanse, sage smudging, white sage stick, purify air at home

You’ll see variants of what it’s called: sage cleansing, smudging, burning or even energy clearing. They are all describing a practice that is derived from Native American culture where shamans would burn sage in a fire to cleanse a person or space of negativity and to promote health and wisdom. Because of its roots in sacred rituals, it is important to be respectful of the practice’s history and Native American culture and to act with mindful intent when performing it yourself.

Sage, under its scientific name, is Salvia officinalis. Why does this matter? Well, first, science rocks, so anytime I can nerd out I’m all for it.

Secondly, salvia comes from latin salvare, which literally means to heal. The idea that sage has therapeutic qualities has been intertwined with the word itself from the very beginning.

In addition to generations of Native Americans using it in sacred rituals, sage was known in other parts of the world as well.

The oldest known records of using sage for medicinal purposes was in ancient Egypt around 2000 BC. Mostly they used it as a remedy for infertility, but also used it for treating diseases. It even was one of the necessary herbs to include in embalming the great Pharaohs to make sure they would make it to the afterlife.

The Romans documented using it ex-ten-sive-ly:

Got a cough? Sage.

Sore throat? Sage.

Digestive issues? Sage.

Labor pains? (Really?) Yeah...sage.

Practically any ailment or disease, the romans would use sage as a remedy. And despite it being prolifically prescribed, it was considered a holy plant and was only picked after performing a specific ceremony and using instruments dedicated for that purpose.

In recent years, research has begun on sage’s flavonoids--plant compounds that have a medicinal quality--which seem to suggest it has a cognitive-enhancing effect in humans, and further research could lead to new treatments in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

sage, sage cleanse, home energy cleanse

Research has also found that sage has antimicrobial qualities, which is probably why many cultures used it for practically everything under the sun. Antibiotics were only truly discovered in 1928 (it was penicillin, found by Alexander Flemming if you’re interested in knowing that nugget of information), but humans have been using the effects of this for ages.

It has even been shown that burning sage for an hour in a room can reduce airborne bacteria by 94 percent. Hello, healthy home!

I hope we see continued research of all versions of sage--the plant, it’s oil, it’s smoke--especially given the magnitude of possible remedies we might see from this magical plant.

And maybe, just maybe, modern science will finally catch up to what our “sage” ancestors knew all along.


THE HORROR! Yes, I have a task for you, but trust me, you’re so ready for this. A clean slate for you and your home is just around the corner.

In order to do your first sage cleansing, you’re going to need the right materials, so your homework is simply to get that stuff. Shopping for homework? Yes, please!

What you’ll need:


Abalone shell or other vessel for burning sage

Feather or other fanning object

Long match or candle

Get everything you need in one easy kit:

Next Up:

(Yeah, I’m fully invested in this school theme!)

We’ll be diving straight into how to perform a sage cleanse to get you and your home a fresh start in 2021.

Stay well and be inspired,

Book a complimentary 15 minute consultation to see how we can re-energize your home together!

Amy Farnum, Owner and Lead Designer of Inspired Design Inc

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a knowledge seeker, dog parent, nature lover, and a big fan of bubbly water. I'm also the owner of Inspired Design Inc, an biophilic interior design and flooring company in Kansas City. I help homeowners wade through the many decisions needed while renovating their homes, including how to add more natural elements into the space. Let's find the perfect solutions so you can finally be living in the home you've been dreaming of.


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