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Essential Oil Blends for Spring

Spring is in the air! No, really! These aromatherapy blends are designed to have you feel at your best for the new season ahead! So let’s say farewell to Winter, and...

Hello, Spring!

The snow has melted away, allowing the opportunities of growth in Spring to be in your near future! Feel the revival of life with this fresh citrus and floral blend!

2 drops lemon

2 drops lavender

2 drops clementine

2 drops geranium


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Spring Into Action

Feel your energy rise with this uplifting blend of citrus notes. With Winter gone, you’re ready to “Spring” into action!

2 drops lime

2 drops grapefruit

2 drops lemongrass

Secret Garden

Maybe it’s too soon to start planting in the garden, but you can have the aroma of one fill your home with this rejuvenating recipe!

3 drops basil

3 drops lavandin

2 drops thyme