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Organic, Modern, Blush Living Room

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Welcome to Inspired Design's first fully shoppable digital design and mood board!

I'm really excited to show it to you and to give you the opportunity to easily achieve this exact design yourself, saving you many hours searching for the perfect items. All the furniture, artwork and accessories in this blush living room design are available for purchase.

Let me tell you a bit about the design inspiration itself:

The past week or so here in Kansas City has been quite the dreary landscape. It's been cold and snowy, with wind that chills you to your core. Apparently this chill has made it all the way down to Texas!

This isn't exactly the environment that peps me up in the morning. 😂 Because of this, I wanted to create a living room design inspiration that would help to counteract that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that many of us feel this time of year.

This design is bright and light with it's warm neutral tones with a touch of blush, sure to elevate anyone's mood this season or throughout the whole year!

When I saw this sofa, I instantly fell in love with it! I knew this was going to be what the whole design and color palette would be centered around. The blush and white color tones of the sofa and accent chair create an inviting and cozy living space.

Soft velvet and wool fabrics with modern brass and gold accents make this living room modern but also comfortable.

The coffee table is one of a kind and the natural characteristics of the wood and geometric pattern blend perfectly for that organic modern style.


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click the link and make a purchase, I will earn a commission--at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I find to be trustworthy and helpful. For more information, please see my Terms and Conditions. Also, I am not a doctor. The information on my website is derived from research and beliefs that may not be endorsed by any health agency such as the FDA. Nothing I say is intended to treat or cure disease. Please consult your own doctor.


A large, antique brass, sputnik style chandelier fills the space with a warm glow, furthering the uplifting atmosphere in this living room. The brass side table has a glass top, which would reflect the flowers placed on top, enhancing the experience of cohesion with nature.

The artwork on the walls have both a landscape and floral element, which draws the eye in as well as provides a connection to nature--a much warmer connection to nature, I might add!

A perfect blend of organic and modern, this living room is great to elevate your mood and overall well-being and enjoy the connection to nature from the warmth of inside your home.


Yes! This is a 100% shoppable e-design! Save yourself a ton of time and hassle searching endlessly on home décor websites and get everything you see in this design.

Depending on what size rug and artwork you get, you could have this whole room for under $4,999! Such a steal for a completely new living room.

As always, the prices listed are from the manufacturer or vendor (not me) so they are subject to change. So don't miss out!


Go to the online design collection I created here using SideDoor. You'll find all the furniture, fixtures and accessories, along with a few rug sizes (because it's important to be able to customize this if you want!). Once you register with SideDoor, you'll gain access to ordering these design exclusives all from one spot, making the task of ordering simple and easy. Plus, delivery is included to the continental US. Can't beat that!

Find the artwork at Minted for the modern landscape here (I suggest the 24" x 24" with gold wood frame) and the large floral painting here (30" x 40" with walnut finish frame). Both would be gorgeous additions to your home if you're looking for that connection to nature, but want a touch of a modern vibe.

Remember, by purchasing through these links, it allows me to continue posting these free design boards by earning a commission--at no additional cost to you! Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

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Stay well and be inspired,

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A holistic home, is this your path to wellness, holistic wellness, well-being, decor
A holistic home, is this your path to wellness, holistic wellness, well-being, decor


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