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Sage Cleansing: The Step-by-Step Guide to Cleansing Your Home's Energy

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First, congratulations on completing Sage Cleansing 101! If you have slipped in through the back door, you can catch up here for a background and history on sage cleansing.

Now that you successfully satisfied the prereq, and you did your homework (a.k.a. you gathered all your materials), we’ll be moving into the lab portion of this course. Yay! So get out those protective goggles and set out your beakers, we’re headed in!

(Okay, you don’t really need protective goggles or beakers, but I fully support expressing your inner nerd. 😊)

First, let’s recap our discoveries from last week's post on the background of sage cleansing.

We went on a deep dive into the history of sage. We learned about how sacred the practice of a sage cleanse or sage smudging is. The plant, its oil, and even its smoke has medicinal qualities that we are only just beginning to scientifically understand. It is a powerhouse of great energy.


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Today we’re going to activate all those amazing qualities and health benefits of sage by performing a sage cleanse in five easy steps.

And bonus: there’s one more benefit of a sage cleanse that I have yet to mention and it's actually my fave. I'll get to that in just a moment...

So, have your materials out:

Sage smudge stick (I love Shamans Market for all my sage cleansing materials)

Abalone shell or other vessel for burning sage (for catching embers)

Feather or other fanning object

Long match or candle

Step 1: Open Up Windows and Doors

Yeah, we’re dealing with fire and smoke here people! So let’s be careful with this!

Open up all your windows and doors. Even open your closet doors. Make it so that both you and the smoke can move freely into spaces and the smoke can move out of your home.

Do this both for your lungs’ sake and to expel the negative energy from the home.

Step 2: Light It Up

I recommend lighting the sage smudge stick with a match because it’s more natural than burning from fuel in a lighter. Or if you have a long candle, that’s great, too.

Hold the smudge stick at about a 45 degree angle over your abalone shell and light it up. Once you have the smudge stick lit, let it burn for about 20 seconds.

Now, gently blow it out so that only embers remain. This should cause it to mostly be producing smoke and do a nice, slow burn.

It should go without saying, but, hey, safety first--if any embers miss the shell and fall on anything when you are walking around, please make sure to immediately tamp them out. Smokey the Bear thanks you. ;)

Step 3: Set Your Intention with a Mantra

This is the one aspect of a sage cleanse we have yet to talk about, and I think it's the best part about performing a sage cleansing ritual yourself.

Any good sage cleanse first begins with an expressed purpose, mantra, affirmation or even a prayer. Think of it like you are telling the universe what you need. And yes, you do this out loud.

Have you just moved into a new home and want to encourage family love in this new space?

Have you experienced a loss or change this past year and are ready for a transition?

Are you just ready for a fresh start?

Whatever your specific desires are for this sage cleanse, express those with a mantra.

When you repeat this mantra, you are setting the tone, in your mind, for what you want out of life.

By consistently repeating it and doing the same actions, you are allowing yourself to get into a meditative state.

Sync your movements, your breath and your speech. If you realize your mind is wandering, don’t beat yourself up, simply get yourself back on track and continue to recite your mantra again.

When we do meditative practices like this, it helps our minds free ourselves from past experiences and helps to instill new and more positive beliefs.

If you’re not sure where to start with your mantra, here are a couple ideas to get you going:

I give gratitude to the spirits

Having guarded this home before me.

I thank you for your continued protection.

Negative energies, I release you from this home.

I welcome the new and the positive,

Fill this home with love.

Into this smoke I release

All energies that do not serve me,

All negativity that surrounds me

And all fears that limit me.

I am open to possibility

And I invite in positivity.

Maybe all or just a section of those resonates with you. No need to overcomplicate it or spend forever thinking of the perfect words.

If your intention is set in a respective, mindful manner, then you are good to go.

Step 4: Walk, Waft and Express Your Mantra

Begin wherever you would like to in your home.

Your main entryway can be a natural starting point. Plus, there's going to be a lot of smoke when you first begin, so being near an open door is wise.