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Top 15 Houseplants for a Mid-Century Modern Vibe

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With clean lines, natural materials, bold shapes, and an emphasis on being functional, it's no wonder mid-century modern style is one of the most popular design styles out there.

It has a timeless beauty about it, that resonates with many people, myself included.

But, as any plant parent knows, it's not just about the furniture items you have, but the plants you add to a space can really enhance the mood of the room.

Mid-century modern home design is all about bringing the outside in.

It's where natural and functional meet in a truly beautiful design.

When you're looking for a houseplant to boost the mid-century vibes in your home, you want a plant that adds more than just greenery to a space.

You're looking for a plant that not only brings in that natural feeling, but also a plant that could stand as an artistic piece in the room all on it's own.

That's the perfect mid-century plant: an independently functional artistic element in the room.

It's easy to fall in love with every plant. (This is how I have over 40 of them!) But if you really want to up the mid-century vibe in your home, this list of the top 15 houseplants will lead you in the right direction.

All of these are for various plant skill levels, whether you are just a beginner or you're looking to up your plant game with something unique. There's something here for everyone.

Top 15 Houseplants for Mid-Century Modern Décor Style

1. Starfish Snake Plant