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Top 5 Reasons Your Goals Fail (and What to Do to Succeed Instead)

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If you’re finding yourself among the 88% of people who have already failed their New Year’s Resolutions by the first week of February, you are obviously not alone!

If you’re wondering, “Why the heck can’t I stick to my goals?”, and bummed that you didn't stick to your resolution (yet again) this year, it's not too late to take corrective action and get back on track.

So let’s take a look into the top reasons your goals failed, and what to do to succeed instead.


1. You were being basic.

No, I’d never call you basic, but your’s a little uninspiring. Is your goal to “get healthy” or “in shape?” Do you want to “achieve a better work-life balance?”

I admire your desire for improving your life, but these are all really vague goals that don't really give enough specifics into WHAT you are wanting to achieve. When setting goals for your life, you want to be as specific as possible. When you use vague terms, you make it harder to achieve them because they are not a fixed end result.

It’s like signing up for a race then getting there on race day and realizing you have no idea where the finish line is. Without a specific end, you’ll never start that race, let alone reach your goal.


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So let’s put some specific details into the goals I mentioned.

What does “healthy” or “in shape” mean to you? I will walk or run X number of days per week. The more specific the better...each walk or run will consist of X minutes at minimum. And one more time for how these goals will be completed: I will do this (on a treadmill, outdoors, gym, etc).