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What to Expect

Get all your burning questions answered with "Designer on Demand!" If you're currently undergoing a design project (or soon will be), you'll probably run into some hurtles. But you've come to the right place. It would be our pleasure to assist you with any issues you may be having and discuss possible solutions. Let's get you on the right path and have you feeling more confident going forward! Common questions we love to help with: - What is the best way to layout my furniture? - What can I do with a small budget? - I'm selling my home. How can I attract more potential buyers? - What colors should I paint my home? - Can I have some design suggestions for my remodel/new build? - How do I incorporate plants into my design? - I like a lot of things, but I'm having trouble pulling it all together. Can you help? We can help with all of those and much more! Whether your questions are broader-based or you have ultra-specific questions, we're here for you. Service is conducted over Zoom or FaceTime so we can see your space, for a duration of up to 1 hour.

  • 1 hour
  • 195 US dollars
  • Phone Call


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