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16 Modern Dining Room Chandeliers That Make a Natural and Bold Statement

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Updating a light fixture in your home can change the whole feeling of the room. But in the dining room, you can really set the mood for your whole dining experience.

If you're anything like me, by day you have a successful career, but come night, you're a total foodie.

Sure, fine dining experiences are always amazing, but what about creating special moments when you cook at home or even grab some takeout?

Every dining experience deserves to feel special and the right dining chandelier can help you achieve just that.

Plus, if you have an open concept or great room space, the light fixture you place above your dining table can jazz up more than just the eating area. A dining room chandelier can provide a focal point in a great room that helps tie all the spaces together.

There's a million (literally...) options out there to select from. But as an interior designer, my job isn't to have you go fend for yourself, but to whittle down the options to ones that would be absolutely stunning, saving you time and hassle.

For each chandelier, I'll highlight some features that I find unique. I find it helpful for my clients to hear (or read!) what I'm noticing so I'll share those thoughts with you.

Hint: If you feel like something you're reading resonates with you and the vibe you're looking for, that's usually a sign that's the one. 😍

Most of these have an organic modern style to them, which lends itself to coordinating with many different styles like contemporary modern, natural, bohemian, California casual and midcentury modern.

Find all of these on our top dining chandelier collection at our online shop or click on any of the pictures.

And if you're looking for even more inspiration for your dining room lighting, you can view our entire line of chandeliers here.

Top 17 Dining Chandeliers

1. Quintessentially Organic Modern

Okay, I'll be first to admit, I am all about instant gratification. I'm jumping right to my absolute favorite dining chandelier!

With its organic, molecular structure and its mix of new aged brass and smoke gray orbs, it's a stunning piece that would give a modern organic look to any dining room.

With it being almost 60 inches wide, it can also fill the space above a large dining table and have the correct scale. If I had a larger dining room, this is the exact chandelier I would get.

In a ranch home with only 8 ft. ceilings (which we have) it could overpower the space. However, if you have taller ceilings and an open plan...Wow! Can I come over and gawk at your new light fixture? I'll bring the wine. 😉

2. Bronze Perforated Shades

Details in design are what pull everything together beautifully, and make it truly unique. Which, in the land of a million light fixture options, this is no small feat.

In this chandelier, the shades are curved steel plates that have small perforations in them, letting the light shine through. I'd imagine the shadows cast from this effect are nothing less than spectacular.

Nothing says sexy mood lighting like some gorgeous light patterns cast across the table and ceiling.

It's finished in brass and a "bronze so deep as to be almost black." The contrast of linear and curves is a remarkable piece of art.

3. Geometric Artisan Rattan

While it may look simple, there in lies the beauty. This geometric rattan chandelier measures 30 inches across and is made by artisans weaving rattan in a traditional technique.

Handmade never means cheap, but it always means one-of-a-kind. "It is a marriage of artistry and high-quality construction" sure to be a focal and talking point in any dining room. It would look beautiful above a circular dining table or a rectangular wood table to blend natural fibers cohesively.

4. Chic and Stylish

Going from natural fibers in the last chandelier, we're switching to a contemporary, chic globe chandelier.

"Gunmetal-finished iron and brass-finished steel plating fuse for a cool, clustered look, with clear glass bulbs for light and lightness alike."

It would blend well with other black or gold finished fixtures in your home, with being just the right amount of eye-catchniness (is that a word?) that it won't draw too much attention from other items in the room.

Because it pairs so well with many other styles and items, I could see this being perfect in a great room, helping to tie everything together.

5. Dazzling Art

With twelve light bulbs that are encapsulated by glass orbs that extend off with brass and iron rods, this chandelier doubles as both a light fixture and art.

I love that this provides a little more height than just one row of lights, while it still being delicate and not heavy-looking.

With it's linear and crisp style, it would look exceptional paired with a soft, modern watercolor painting and a natural wood accents.

6. New-Age Mid-Century Modern

This beauty brings me back. No, I didn't grow up in the mid-century time period, but for some reason my elder millennial soul gets tugged on whenever I see something that is reminiscent of that era.

In this chandelier, branched gold rods stem out in a modern pattern, but the glass shades look antique.

"Each rod is capped by artisan-made crystal glass shades with a diamond cut. Once lit, the integrated LED lights provide beautiful reflections on the ceiling and nearby walls."

Does anyone else remember those Christmas lights that were this shape? Those moments of warmth, love, and nostalgia is what this chandelier taps into for me. Isn't that what we all want around our dining table in any era?

7. Simple and Elegant

It's simple, but has just the right amount of details to still make it a stunning addition to your dining room. I love how the connection of the rods is gold, while the main rod is black. Again, details make this just slightly better than some of the mass produced ones on the market.

Plus, since the bulbs are NOT in glass orbs, you can select whatever shape of bulb you want.

Whichever bulb shape you decide on, this one is perfect for Edison style bulbs that showcase a spiraling glow within them. Simple, but elegant.

8. Lighthearted Fun

When I saw this one, I couldn't resist putting it on the list! It's just so unique and fun!

Sometimes modern style gets the bad rap for being stark and cold. Not this chandelier! It's fun, lighthearted, and ready to shine for the next dinner party you throw!

It's definitely a conversation starter with its playful style. We're seeing a lot more curves, arches, and rainbow-U shapes in interior design and art, and I love to see when design branches into other forms like in this light fixture.

9. Industrial Meets Organic

This one ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Sciencey-looking test-tube glass. Check.

Sputnik style starburst shape. Check.

It looks like it could be a light fixture or propagate my pothos plant. Check.

Haha, just joking on that last one. Please don't use your light fixture as a vase for plants. 😉

But in all seriousness, this is a really cool chandelier that is both industrial modern and organic in shape. It could be the perfect piece to tie together different styles in a totally unique fixture.

10. The Perfect Cane Chandelier

Anyone else loving seeing a comeback with cane furniture? Natural, modern and nostalgic, cane a beautiful material to add to your home.

This one is particularly perfect: "a seven-step hand-woven natural cane outer layer and an off-white poplin inner layer" make it so the bulb isn't too harsh at eating/eye level.

It's 20" in diameter so alone it would work for many sizes of dining tables, or use three in a cluster to have a larger impact.

11. Art Deco Glam Chandelier

High glamour and sharp geometrics are the hallmark of this chandelier. It's style is a modern art deco, that will add a high-end feature to your dining room. Without any shades on this eight-light fixture, it will add sparkle and glow to your dinners.

This will certainly add some drama...the good kind that is!

It measures 31" in diameter, with an overall 61" hang from the ceiling. It's satin brass and oiled bronze finish pair perfectly in this exquisite piece.

12. Helix Cascade Chandelier

In full honestly, I almost didn't add this one to the list. Don't get me wrong, I love it! It's simple, yet striking, and is breathtaking!

If you want this look though, you are going to need an extra-tall ceiling.

It measures 51" in height, plus the length of the chain. If you have a tall ceiling, this would be an amazing 15-light chandelier that would draw attention to your dining room if you have an open plan.

13. Sculptural Chandelier

Any object that can function as its intended and also be an artform in itself I am a fan of.

This sculptural chandelier has "unequal length arms that pass through the fixture’s central connection. The metal arms can be easily adjusted from a near parallel position to a loosely gathered look."

The form is one that is similar to gathered sticks, and I love that because that is the essence of biophilia--a connection to other living beings and nature.

The fact that you can adjust the arms is a bonus, too.

14. Industrial Chic

If you're looking for maximum impact over any shape table, this is one for you. With 15 lights, it doesn't skimp on sparkle potential.

"Mouth-blown, smoked glass orbs, radiate outwards to give its distinctive appeal." The result is a blend of industrial chic that has both masculine and feminine tones.

This would pair well in with midcentury furniture or décor that is ultra-sleek.

15. Minimal yet Casual

"Soft white cotton rope weaves this breezy, beautifully shaped oversized hourglass" shape that lends itself to be both minimal and comfortable.

This hourglass shape is trending, but not in the obnoxious "trendy" way, more in the "this is calling on a classic" kind of way.

Picturing this lit, I imagine the light is beautiful as it glimmers through the small spaces of rope, casting small glimpses of pure light outward.

A perfect fit for bohemian, Californian casual or organic modern styles.

16. Fit for a Queen

Elegant and striking linear design, make this chandelier fit for a queen! It has a both a delicate and strong presence, that would compliment rooms that need a touch of high-end décor as the finishing touch.

In only 29 inches in dimeter, and yet it still packs in 10 bulbs that are arranged in the shape of a crown. Each bulbs rests on a brass base, that is a modern reflection of medieval candle holders.

17. Fit for a Princess

I couldn't resist...the Queen's smaller version, the Princess. It's a 5-light option of the above light. So if you're looking for that regal statement, but want it to be slightly less bold, this is the perfect option.

This will certainly turn heads, but not steal the show in the room. Perfect for smaller dining areas that you don't want to overpower with anything too bold.

Subtle yet eye-catching, this is a perfect little dining chandelier.

18. Hint of Copper

Mixing metals is a cornerstone of elegant interior design. This dining chandelier combines black metal with a touch of copper for a perfect mix of metals.

The linear design of this chandelier is perfect for rectangular tables, which will help elongate the feel of the room, and fill the space above the table appropriately.

Gold and black is very in right now, but adding a little copper could give your room a hint of a rosy glow.

19. Smokey Organic Modern

This organic modern chandelier is perfect for cozy, yet contemporary styles.

The gold colored iron framework provides a glimmering surface, while the smoky gray glass globes reflect a softer, more gentle light.

This one is similar to the first on the list, and with a lower price-point, you don't have to sacrifice style for price.

It's a perfect option for achieving a bold look in your dining room at an affordable cost.

Final Thoughts

I love finding perfect décor pieces for my clients, but lighting can do so much more than an object on a bookshelf.

Light fixtures can add a new textural element; they add depth and scale over dining tables.

But most importantly, with light comes life, and breathing life into a room is what transforms houses in homes.

Which one is your favorite from our dining chandelier collection? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay well and be inspired,

Amy Farnum, Owner and Lead Designer of Inspired Design Inc

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a knowledge seeker, dog parent, nature lover, and a big fan of bubbly water. I'm also the owner of Inspired Design Inc, a biophilic interior design and flooring company in Kansas City. I help homeowners wade through the many decisions needed while renovating their homes, including how to add more natural elements into the space. Let's find the perfect solutions so you can finally be living in the home you've been dreaming of.


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