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A Holistic Home: Is This Your Path to Wellness?

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Holistic interior design. What does that phrase bring to your mind?

Do you think of a zen-like space with calming paint colors? Do you think of lots of intertwined plants, candles and their amazing aromas? Do you think of a space where you find clarity and respite from the outside world?

Holistic interior design can be a lot of different things to each individual. And if you’re wondering if this type of design and décor is right for you in your home, this post is the perfect starting point on your journey.

First, let’s talk about what holistic design is, because it covers A LOT, and even I don’t delve into each facet in my design work.

Holistic interior design does what all other interior design does: provides solutions to issues within your home, utilizing form, function and aesthetics to obtain a goal. But, holistic design considers so much more than just those basics. Holistic design has the expressed intent and goal to improve your cognitive, psychological and physiological well-being. It’s about looking into you, as the unique person you are, and aiding you in your journey to find oneness.


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As a holistic designer, I sometimes call myself a magician (I say half-jokingly). I get to do amazing things that most people can’t even imagine or comprehend how it’s done. I’m like an alchemist, combining different elements: design, nature, colors and textures all to wield what can be a transformation. But it’s a transformation not only of the space, but a transformation of who you are, freeing yourself to feel more connected and whole.

Does this sound like something you’ve been wanting for yourself?


The path to find that oneness, simplicity, connectedness, whatever your goal may be, holistic design is tailored to help you achieve your needs and goals.

Many elements of holistic design are interchangeable as a type of holistic therapy as well. Considering that these therapies can be utilized in the home and in design work, it can give you a more meaningfully designed home, one that continually supports you on your path.